All You Need to Know about Keto Diets and FitClub Keto Platinum   

Today many diets continue to evolve globally. This trend makes increasingly more people passionate about wellbeing, fitness, and remaining young. Reports from superstars confirm that particular foods aid in good health and weight loss. For instance, the ketogenic diet, or keto, has become quite popular in recent years and is proven to help individuals who follow it burn fat and lose weight. 

What is a Keto Diet? 

This diet reduces carbohydrate amounts but raises fat quantities in your meals. Keto substitutes carbs being the main energy source by forcing the body to break down fats. The process, ketosis, causes the body to enhance weight loss and brain functioning.

FitClub Keto PlatinumOften many supplements begin to get produced when a specified diet gets more widespread. Though, caution is still a must as you purchase the products. You need to choose the best for your type of diet in order to get the desired results. A good rule of thumb before purchasing a product is to see what people are saying about it online. For example, by reading FitClub Keto Platinum’s reviews it becomes easy to see why so many customers continue to incorporate it in their daily routines. 

Categories of the Keto Diet: 

The Standard Diet 

The Standard Diet fits inactive individuals aiming to drop baby fat. But most include lessening your intake of carbohydrates (maximum of 50g), being sure to get enough protein, and increasing fat consumption. Here are the four types of Keto Diets:

The Cyclic Diet 

The Cyclic Diet involves weekly eating the diet for certain times, then consuming your standard meals during the remaining days. For example, having keto diets throughout the weekdays but abstain over weekends. The program suits weightlifters. 

Targeted Keto Diet 

The Targeted Keto Diet suits people involved in high-intensity exercises. Carb consumption thirty minutes to the workout time is better. By doing this, the body gets enough energy through the training process without fatigue. For that reason, essential energy is available through physical activities. 

The High Protein Diet 

The High Protein Diet comprises of raising protein consumption beyond the amount of normal keto. The schedule has 60% fat and 35 % protein, different from the normal type with 75% fat and 20 % protein. Therefore, the carbs amount in both stays at 20-50grams. 

The normal and directed keto diets fit the regular level energetic individuals, but cyclic and great protein works best for athletes and weightlifters.

FitClub Keto PlatinumWhat are the Best Keto Supplements? 

Due to the diverse keto supplements flooding the marketplace, choosing the right product is challenging. Here are some we found to have the best online reviews:

1.  FitClub Keto Platinum

FitClub Keto Platinum is an entirely organic supplement with a formulation containing Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). The process of ketosis produces BHB in the body naturally but it takes weeks to achieve. When you need an all-natural answer to increased weight reduction, then try FitClub Keto Platinum today.

2.  Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is new in the marketplace but works well. The low-priced product can be used alongside your chocolate, coffee, and milk. Dr. Anthony Gustin is the inventor. So, be guaranteed of expertise as you take it. The product has no harmful ingredients like chemical flavors. The company uses stevia as a sweetener and add taste.

3.  Keto Force

The name force comes from the fact that the product aids your body to attain ketosis more rapidly. Taking three cups daily offers needed energy to your physique hence the good shape. Keto Force tends to be pricier compared to the other supplements like FitClub Keto Platinum. You may need to enhance taste by adding lemon or grapefruit to your teacup.

4.  NutriGold 7-Keto

NutriGold enhances your metabolic rate thus helping in weight loss. The product has 7 DHEA ingredients that boost the burning of fats used for body energy. Additionally, your immunity gets also developed.

5.  BulletProof KetoPrime

The main ingredient is oil, which increases brain functions, enhances concentration, reduces fatigue, and intensifies physical energy. In turn, the cellular absorption gets improved making fat burning and carb breakdown enhanced.

You need dedication once using the ketogenic diet and keep to the program to attain significant results. If not, you will find it difficult to drop weight and remain healthy.

Does the Keto Diet Have Side Effects?

The resulting modifications to your meals make you likely to experience short-term side effects. They include: Low energy, Constipation, Extreme dehydration, Inactiveness

What are the Best Keto Supplement Ingredients?

Some of the components you need to check as you purchase a keto supplement include:

  • Fish Oil 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Creatine
  • Sodium and potassium
  • Beta-hydroxybutyric acid 
  • Magnesium 
  • ECA stack 
  • Carnitine 
  • Hydroxymethylbutrate (HMB) 
  • Chromium 

Who is Recommended to Use the Keto Supplement?

The consumption of keto supplements is restricted to some people. You have the obligation to use only when you begin to follow the given keto diet. However, the products reduce the side effects, offer essential body nutrients, and aids in supporting the diet till you finish.

Several keto supplements are available for you to select since all claim to be effective. With speculation in the course of buying, you will be risking your health. So, ensure you purchase the top available product from the given guide. The listed brands make you better placed to decide whatever fits your body. Keto diet is beneficial only when used correctly. 

Not only does FitClub Keto provide their customers with a stellar product, they also have tons of advice and recipes on their FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest pages regarding all things keto!

cbd vape oil

What You Should Know About CBD Vape Oil

Since cannabis gained mainstream traction, there have been lots of questions about its alternative forms of use as well as its legality. Especially in regard to the new form of smoking known as vaping, that has been widely adopted by the younger generation.

Despite its growing popularity, CBD vape oil is still a highly misunderstood product with many relating it to marijuana. The truth is, the two are different because they contain varying compositions and are derived from different sources. The cannabis plant is divided into three species namely; Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica. Hemp and marijuana are from the sativa plant. They vary in physical appearance, application, and even chemical composition, meaning, they are not one and the same.

The Difference between Marijuana and Hemp (CBD vs THC)

CBD vape oil is derived from the hemp plant and therefore carries its DNA. Industrial hemp is known for a number of health benefits on the human body such as:

  • Balancing hormones
  • Reducing inflammation and pain
  • Slowing down the growth of cancer cells
  • Treating epilepsy and mental disorders
  • Prevention of plaque build-up in arteries
  • Treating glaucoma
  • Promotion of bone development

Marijuana is famous for its ability to induce a “high” feeling that it creates once exposed to heat. This makes it impossible for the mind to function as it should. Though not necessarily life-threatening, its psychoactive properties make it a not so friendly addition to the body.


In regards to composition, marijuana contains high THC levels which are responsible for the hallucinating effects it produces, and a low CBD (cannabinoid) level. Whereas hemp contains higher CBD levels and extremely low THC amounts. Since cannabinoids are present in the human body, they benefit a lot when their levels are boosted from the intake of hemp to help them function better. On the other hand, THC affects the endocannabinoid system in the body by rendering it almost incapable of carrying out its mandate effectively. 

CBD vape oil

Legality of Vaping CBD Oil

CBD vape oil is extracted from the hemp plant and developed for vaping as well as other uses. It is considered safe and legal to use in most countries around the world due to the lack of harm associated with it as well as the health benefits related to its use. The amount of THC, however, is what determines its legality, and a percentage of 0.2 and 0.3 is usually considered safe for use.

How to Find Quality CBD Vape Oil

Only buy products from companies that have employed good farming and extraction techniques to ensure the end product is made of nothing but the best. Also, consider companies that self-test their products as well as provide an avenue for a third party to do the same, with the aim of establishing the exact concentrations of the oil components. The other aspect is in regard to how the oil looks to the naked eye. Quality vape oil should be consistent in texture and should not contain layers of liquid. A breach of these characteristics might mean poor flavor for you as well as the absence of the value for your money.

Recommended Dosage

Despite the need for a prescription from a doctor unlike medical marijuana, consumption of vape oils should also be done in moderation to prevent any unwanted effects. Since CBD vape oil is pre-measured, it is pretty easy to know what is best for your body depending on its concentration as well as the potential effect it might have on your body.

For example, a beginner ought to start with low concentrate vape oil, preferably one that is between a 100-250mg, and eventually graduate to higher concentrate ones that range between 400-1000mg. Eventually, your body will get the hang of it and with time, you will be able to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

Also, remember that concentration sets the tone for the price, therefore be prepared to pay more for higher quality products with a stronger concentration.

The Best CBD Vape Oils Available for You

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro when it comes to vaping, the search for flavors and quality never grows old. The best thing you can do is to develop a knack for research when it comes to choosing your CBD vape oil. This is the only way you will be able to make the most informed choice on price and quality. Look for companies that engage in third-party lab testing if you want the best quality CBD oil. Happy vaping!


How TruVision Helps to Make a Healthier You

Being physically fit is the vital thing for a healthy life. TruVision is one of the best companies that offers natural pills or supplements which help in reducing fats in their body. Many people have benefited from these supplements, and this can be seen from the positive comments about the product on the internet. Weight loss doesn’t occur regularly especially in this culture because it depends on your body calories which require proper scrutiny in understanding its content.


For you to analyze and understand how caloric intake helps to reduce fats in the body, you should first be careful with what you eat, and also what you output. Weight loss not only comes from going to the gym or yoga but by developing a consistent and proper food schedule. If fasting during the daytime cuts down your weight, then ensure that one meal at night doesn’t have calories that you missed one day before the exercise.

Having an inconsistent attitude towards your food routine is something that doesn’t work, particularly for an individual who wants to reduce body fat. For instance, you can decide to go to the yoga or gym and, at the same time, develop a poor meal schedule. It’s indeed a waste of time. Ensure you adopt the best steps or routine that will produce the most excellent results in the end. In fact, approximately 1200 to 1300 calories daily are indicators that there’s no other option for an individual to withdraw from the choice that he or she made about caloric intake.


Healthy Eating

Cutting down on fats is something that requires commitment and having a steady attitude towards keeping a food schedule. Daily activities, job handling, and business routine always vary from one person to the other because every individual’s needs can be customized. Hence, going to the gym and becoming a member, as well as having a membership at your workout areas will significantly assist you in keeping track of what you should eat, and what you shouldn’t.

Most individuals find it difficult to catch up on their food routine. Worry less, TruVision is here with you. They offer natural health supplements such as TruWeight and TruFix that assist you to achieve your goals of weight loss without a struggle. It’s not a guarantee that the usage of their products can entirely negate the efficiency as well as other results, but it minimizes the chances of going to the gym or workplaces daily. The most important thing about the product is that it acts as the fats cell cutter; the difficult thing for one to cut down naturally.

Different Types of Fats

There are two types of fats, and with the  TruFix supplement, be sure to lose the correct one. On the other hand, TruWeight reduces and normalizes your appetite, hence, making you not to overeat. Both of these health supplements consist of other products meant to ease joint pain apart from reducing body fats. According to the research, an individual can lose 40 pounds and even some end up losing seventy pounds with the only consistent combined usage of these products. Only four pills a day destroys fat cells and keep you healthy. Therefore, what you require is a correct combination of the herb pills that always work naturally. Although lifestyle, as well as going to the gym can partially assist in weight loss, taking the supplements is the only instinctive method towards fat loss from the body.

TruVision Offers

TruVision also offers you with a one-week sample plan that works perfect in diminishing fat cells, and at the same time, returns the body to the desired shape. The sample is available on the market, so, ensure you grab one for your benefit. Another essential factor to consider is the time to take the herbal pills. It is highly recommended to take the drugs mainly in the afternoon with an empty stomach as this is the best time for the pills to work efficiently. Furthermore, water intake is also essential for weight loss. If you choose to drink the required amount of water on a daily basis, which is eight glasses per day, then your body will slowly start preparing to cut down the excess fats.

Ensure you purchase Tru Fix and TruWeight supplements from TruVision today. They are the best natural remedy for weight loss and produce the best results ever as long as they are taken consistently.

Should You be Utilizing Lectin Shield?

For anybody lacking knowledge about lectins, this is a fantastic chance to find out about them. Lectins are found in a wide range of foods, and logical research has demonstrated that they can harm the human body. Fortunately, there is a brand of supplements called Lectin Shield, and they are able to do so effectively by securing any harm that may be caused by lectins. 

Meaning of Lectins 

Lectins are a batch of proteins that are found in plants, and their fundamental obligations are to shield them from predators. They go about keeping plants from being eaten, and they are capable of harming predators. 

Be that as it may, despite the fact that lectins are useful for the survival of the plants, they are unsafe to people. When we devour food, for example, beans or tomatoes, we likewise take in common lectins that are contained in them. This can prompt the advancement of some dangers to our health. What happens is that lectins tie themselves to the human cells inside the body. The authority of lectins to the human cells inside the gut surface triggers a reaction.  

This event essentially builds the danger of creating processing issues in the body. The danger of building up an issue in the immune system can cause digestive issues. This is where Lectin Shield comes in to play. 

Lectin Shield-The Quick Fix for your Body Preservation  

Lectins are available in all sort of foods found in your nearby supermarket. Tomatoes, grains, and legumes are particularly known to contain lectins in large sums. They can also be found in other types of food, for example, corn and dairy commodities like buttermilk, peanuts, and eggs. The reasons why they are found in dairy items and poultry is on account of their sources. Cows and chickens feast upon diets like grains and soy. Lectins are found in immense sums in these grains and soy, so when cows and chickens eat them, it passes through to foods like eggs and milk. Lectins are in so many foods, that even Pinterest has this article about Lectin Shield, among others.

It is conceivable to limit the quantity of lectins in your food, yet it is difficult to totally maintain a strategic distance from them. You will require security from the lectins since you can’t abstain from eating your most loved sustenance. Lectin Shield is the definitive arrangement. It shields you from any harm that lectins may cause while proceeding to appreciate the dinners that you cherish. It has distinctive ingredients that empower lectins to abstain from adhering to the cells inside the gastrointestinal tract or gut in your physique.  For more information, check out this podcast about Lectin Shield with the creator of the supplement himself, Dr. Gundry.

What Does this Supplement Consist Of? 

The following are a portion of the helpful ingredients that are contained in this valuable and accommodating item: 

– Sodium alginate: sodium alginate is in charge of annihilating lectins from the digestive system and exceptionally accommodating in keeping up consistent physique 4 

– Larch Arabinogalactans: it is found in a larch tree, and shockingly, it is a characteristic substance. It not only coats the gut against harm caused by lectins yet additionally reinforces it. 5 

– Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): MSM assimilates the lectins, and on the grounds that lectins cause joint pain, MSM incredibly limits the inconvenience in the joints. 6 

– Okra separate: This component of the concoction is exceptionally advantageous and is in charge of blocking many sorts of dangerous lectins. It additionally enhances the valuable organisms found in the gastrointestinal tract or gut, enhances the healthiness of your skin, and above all aides in easing the torment in the joints. 7 

Additional Benefits of Lectin Shield 

Other than the previously mentioned components of the supplement, there are different advantages that this commodity administers, including: 

– Limits the issues in the digestive system like extreme gas and swelling. 

– Lessen the desires for eating food and encourages weight loss 

– Encourages the simplicity of retaining supplements in your body 

Should You Try It? 

At this point, you are likely more educated and interested in using Lectin Shield. Nevertheless, on the off chance that you are still uncertain of what you will gain from this supplement, you can utilize it hazard free. In the event that you are not happy with the outcome, despite everything, you have the chance to return your bottle to your company before 90 days have ended. You will be fully reimbursed. 


What is Midogen and How Does It Work? 

 Aging. It’s not new. It happened to your parents and their parents before them. And, it will happen to you—it’s probably happening already!

Of course, it can be tough to get older. It’s emotional. Limitation is hard. And if your body’s not responding to life the way you’re used to it responding, it can take a real toll. 

Getting older can be a drag. And sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but there are things you can do to slow the process of aging and in some cases, even reverse the signs. For instance, you can take supplements like Midogen. 

How can Midogen help you beat the aging process? 

Well, Midogen is a ground-breaking, nutritional supplement – created for everyday use – with the power to supply all the antioxidants you need in order to boost your body’s health and wellness. 

Where does Midogen get its anti-aging power?

Easy. The power of Midogen lies in its combination of three revolutionary anti-aging ingredients that can actually be found in a wide variety of supplements. But Midogen mixes the potency of NADH, the power of PQQ, and the anti-aging support of trans-resveratrol in a unique formula that can help reduce your risk of disease while diminishing the visible signs of aging on your skin.

Midogen is motored by the power of mitochondria and NAD+.  

First, let’s talk about mitochondria. They’re the tiny power plants in each and every one of your cells. In fact, mitochondria generate energy so your cells can do their jobs. 

But how do they produce that energy exactly? Basically, mitochondria break down carbs and fatty acids producing a natural chemical – adenosine triphosphate (or ATP). The energy that’s created is stored in ATP and used as a fuel to help your cells carry out their tasks. 

Here’s the deal: 

Scientists have discovered that your ATP levels tend to decrease the older you get. When you think about getting older, don’t you imagine you’ll grow tired and lack endurance? That’s partially due to the fact that you’re losing ATP stores as you age.

But, Midogen works to help raise ATP levels and support cellular energy. The goal? To reduce the effects of aging on your body, plain and simple. 

You see, Midogen helps support ATP production by supplying your system with NADH. NADH happens to be a precursor to NAD+ – and that’s one half of the equation when it comes to making ATP. 

But that’s not all… Midogen enhances supplementation by adding Pyrroloquinoline quinone – aka PQQ – and Japanese Knotweed to its breakthrough anti-aging formula. 

The Midogen Ingredient Breakdown: 

  1. Japanese Knotweed– Japanese Knotweed is a beautiful plant with lushheart-shaped leaves and little white-flower fringes. But beyond its beauty, the plant contains very high levels of resveratrol.You’ve heard of resveratrol before – it’s the same ingredient f in red wine and it’s a well of age-reversing antioxidants that help to: 
    • Encourage better eye health(1)  
    • Maintain the health of your joints(2) 
    • Stall the aging of your brain and support cognitive function(3) 
    • Keep your blood pressure levels regulated(4) 
    • Defend your heart against health issues(5) 


  1. NADH– Remember, NADH is a coenzyme essential to the production of NAD+ within your body. And when it comes to energy support, NADH can go a long way.In fact, a recent study showed that NADH helped to great effect when orally administered to patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.6Furthermore, NADH plays a huge part in energy metabolism and in cell death. That may sound dangerous, but the truth is… your body needs to kill of the cells that are no longer functional or may become a threat to its systematic functions.And NADH helps relieve your body of the cells that may come to threaten your health in the long run.(7) 
  2. PQQ– Finally, PQQ is another important coenzyme your body needs. That’s because PQQ has the ability to help reverse cellular aging by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis – that’s the creation of new mitochondria in aging cells.But PQQ can do even more because it functions as both a nutrient and vitamin and can offer great support in terms of the growth and defense of healthy living cells – especially in times of stress.(8)

In the end… 

If you’re frustrated lately because you feel like you’re noticing the signs of aging when it comes to your energy and you need a natural energy booster – not to mention something with the antioxidant power to help your body fend off free-radicals and the visible signs of aging – give Midogen a try 

You’ll be doing something great for your health and working toward a happier, longer life. 




Meal Replacement Shake Recipes That Will Make You Love Kale

There are many different ways and weight loss plans that have been designed to assist both men and women with losing significant amounts of weight. However, it is important to note that not all weight loss diet plans are the same. This is especially true since some diets are much more effective than others. One weight loss diet regimen, in particular, involves losing significant amounts of weight with a nutritious meal replacement shake. Fortunately, there are many different types of meal replacement shake recipes that people can pick and choose from if they want to drop a few extra pounds. Some of which include carefully selected ingredients that contain nutritious and tasty vegetables like kale.

With this in mind, here are some meal replacement shake recipes that will help you simply love, specifically those that are made with kale.

First of all, kale can be described a leaf cabbage that can be found in a certain species of vegetable plants. This species is currently known by the name Brassica oleracea. This cabbage has either green or purple leaves. So, it is relatively easy to identify when found. It is also on the list of the healthiest foods because it has a long list of vitamins and minerals contained it. Here is a short list of the vitamins and minerals that this leafy vegetable has stored inside of its overall makeup.

  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E •Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, Protein
  • Magnesium, Folate, Phosphorus, Iron

45 different flavonoids, packed with antioxidants, and full of fiber

As referenced above, this is just a few of the more commonly known vitamins and minerals that kale contains since this vegetable has over 45 different flavonoids, its full of fiber and is packed with anti-oxidants. So, this very nutritious vegetable is definitely on the list of superfoods that people can eat on a regular basis. Therefore, if you want to drink kale in a shake to replace a meal, here are 3 delicious meal replacement shake recipes that will help you with creating a love for the taste of this nutritious vegetable.

#1 – Kale, Pineapple, and Almond-Milk Shakes

  • 1 cup of kale (packed or chopped)  
  • 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)  
  • 1 banana  
  • ½ cup fresh pineapple (diced)  
  • ½ cup pineapple juice

The ingredients in this recipe will help to mask the bitter taste of kale. With the added sweet flavors of pineapple and bananas, it becomes a sweet healthy tasting treat. It is great for people who want the nutrition with a taste that they can actually forward to any time in the morning, afternoon and even late hours of the night.

#2 – Pistachio Ice Cream Kale Green Shakes

  • 1 cup kale leaves (chopped)  
  • 3 tbsp. agave nectar OR raw dates (pitted, chopped)  
  • 2 bananas  
  • 2 cups of ice  
  • 1 pinch of salt  
  • 1 typ vanilla extract  
  • ¼ cup milk substitute OR filtered water 
  • ½ tsp ginger (finely minced) 
  • ½ cup pistachios, hazelnuts, and/or raw cashews


If you like the flavor pistachio, you may just love this recipe as one of your favorites. With pistachio ice cream as one of the main flavors, you can replace a meal or you drink it as the main dessert. Either way, if you are learning to love having a meal replacement shake and you are a pistachio lover, here is an excellent option for you.

#3 – Kale and Apple Green Recipe

  • 1 tbsp. ground flax seed⅔ cup almond milk (unsweetened)  
  • 3/4 cup ice  
  • Agave nectar (to taste)  
  • 1 stalk of celery (diced)  
  • 1 ½ cups kale (chopped, packed) 
  • ½ Gala apple (cut into chunks)


If you love the flavor apple, you will like the blend of kale together. This is also a vegan recipe that provides a subtle sweetness that teases the taste buds.

Because kale is packed with so many different vitamins and minerals, it is one of the all-time superfoods. Therefore, adding kale to the ingredients of an easy to drink shake, is simply perfect for those that want and need the nutrition that it provides. Though kale itself may be bitter to some people, the blends in these recipes can help to mask this taste, while also giving those who drink these shakes an overall great flavorful experience each time that they decide that they really want to lose weight.

Change your Sex Life with PHGH from Lawrence Supplements

How Lawrence Supplements Changed My Sexual Performance.  

Trust me. I understand what it is like to feel that you can’t perform sexually. For my case, it happened as a consequence of a couple of medical issues. My specialist revealed to me that it was quite common for a man of my age, forty-two, to have cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, general body weakness, and cholesterol imbalance. There and then I comprehended that the reality of my bedroom issues was not all about my capacity to desire my spouse.  

My wife is still attractive to me today after all these years, possibly even more than when we had children with us in the house. Anyway, I lust to satisfy her, and apparently, I was facing difficulty living up to her expectations; hence I began losing confidence in myself. I actively wanted to please her, and myself too, by getting rock hard each time and trying to last as long as she wanted me to, but it never happened. I, therefore, talked to my doctor to discuss getting an erection pill prescription, as I heard my friends did with Viagra for erectile dysfunction. As it turned out, whatever was causing my erectile dysfunction was not a problem with my desire, but instead more complicated than just that. I found looking for the right products was easily done online. Lawrence Supplements have an online platform for people to buy their products. 

I went online looking for a supplement that could specifically target my health concern of cardiovascular issues and loss of sexual appetite. I realized that PHGH was the right one. It included all I needed to address getting enough blood run to the sexual organs. The PHGH Vaso Capillary Men’s Formula has incorporated ingredients including ancient herbs called vasodilators, for centuries used to enlarge blood vessels. These compound mixtures are still used in present day to treat a variety of illnesses. They are also included in the PHGH formula to get more bloodstream down where you need it. The supplement is safe with five natural ingredients specially designed to solve the problem for men.  

The first element is Tribulus Terrestris. 

It is a plant that you will find in the areas of Southern Europe, Africa, Southern Asia and Australia. The plant is used as a natural aphrodisiac. Medical tests reveal that this flowering plant can protect heart cells. This supplement may also work for those who have experienced a cardiovascular event.  

The second is L-arginine. 

It is a vital amino acid. Our bodies use L-arginine, but they do not produce it. Therefore, for you who wants to get more of the L-arginine, you have to ingest it through your diet. Research shows that this amino acid can cause vasodilating effects, so widening blood vessels and capillaries increase blood flow. It also helps to boost the production of Nitric Oxide which reduces the erectile dysfunction. 

The third component is Tongkat Ali. 

This herb has been used across centuries as a traditional herb. Tongkat Ali is an overall energy booster that will help you get enough energy for your happy moments. Presently, you may find its libido-boosting effects in every PHGH supplement bottle. 

Fourth is the Epimedium.  

It also has an ironic name, horny goat weed. It contains one very powerful phytochemical called icariin which can boost erections. This may be the reason it was so popular among the Chinese for traditional medicine.  

The fifth ingredient of the PHGH is Maca.  

It is a root herb used for thousands of years over and over for its aphrodisiac ability. You can still use it today for its capacity as well as its effectiveness on more erection strength and a high sex drive. This particular herb could significantly boost your stamina more than any other type of herb could. 

The unique PHGH formula was made after experienced porn star John Lawrence had some trouble in the spotlight. It is a difficult task to hold an erection for the time it takes when shooting an adult film. John Lawrence did not find a formula to make him get through the long working hours in the studio when put in action. Viagra was not working. He therefore formulated the Lawrence Supplements natural formula to get an erection with the strength and power he desired. Look no further for the perfect product to enhance your sex life needs 

How to Add Spinach to Your Meal Replacement Shakes This Christmas

Spinach is more than just another leafy green vegetable; it also contains plenty of body-boosting goodness, which can help you keep your eye on your waistline this Christmas. Sure, Christmas may feature some good vegetables served up alongside the turkey during Christmas dinner, but there are other, more delicious ways to increase your spinach intake this year by adding it to your meal replacement shake.

Spinach is loaded with fiber, B vitamins, and phytonutrients such as beta-carotene, so getting a healthy serving of it each day goes a long way in keeping your body as healthy as it can be. With that being said, spinach doesn’t need to be just another plain and boring healthy option this festive season, and the recipes below will have you turning down your cravings for sugar-rich foods which will go straight to your hips.

If you want to discover some of the best winter-themed meal replacement shake recipes using spinach, then read on below and get ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Chocolate Peppermint Iced Smoothie

This festive chocolate and peppermint iced meal replacement shake also contains a healthy serving of spinach. Of course, the flavor of spinach is so mild that all it imparts is a slightly warm and earthy flavor.


  • 1 cup chopped raw spinach
  • 10 mint leaves (fresh is best)
  • 1 TBSP of pureManukahoney  
  • 2 level scoops of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 TBSP of malt powder
  • 1 TSP of Cinnamon Powder
  • 160 ml of skimmed milk
  • 1 glass of ice


To make this multi-colored meal replacement shake, begin with placing half of the milk into a blender and then add the chocolate protein powder and the cinnamon. Blend it until well combined and then add half the ice and blend again until smooth. Empty the contents into a glass.

Next, place the remaining ingredients into the blender and mix until it’s the same consistency as the chocolate part. Take a long and clear glass and add in one scoop of the 1st mix; then scoop in a serving of the 2nd mix. Alternate until the glass is full.

How to Serve It?

The multi-leveled serving makes for an eye-catching vibrant green and pastel brown tiered drink. Simply garnish with a few mint leaves and enjoy.

Candy Cane Crush – Meal Replacement Shake

This meal replacement shake has the look and feel of Christmas while providing a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer over the festive Christmas period. Not only that, but it also gives you a great serving of fiber, which is important in helping combat pre-diabetes and type II diabetes.


  • 1 cup raw and chopped spinach
  • 1 cup of mixed frozen berries
  • 1 cup of naturalprobioticyoghurt  
  • 1 & ½ TBSP of fresh honey
  • 100ml of skimmed milk
  • 2 level scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • Cranberries, pomegranate seeds and basil leaves for topping


Again, this meal replacement shake will consist of multi-colored layers. To begin with, you want to place the yoghurt, spinach, frozen berries, and half of the honey into a blender and mix well until everything is incorporated nicely. This will leave you with a deep and vibrant shade of red. Set it aside in a glass or bowl.

Next, you want to rinse out the blender and then add all of the remaining ingredients together (excluding the cranberries, pomegranate seeds and basil). Once everything is well mixed, the meal replacement shake is ready to be served.

How to Serve It?

In alternating scoops, place the mixes into a clear glass until full. This will give a beautiful red and white effect, much like that of a candy cane. To finish, place on some cranberries and pomegranate seeds and then add basil leaves to the sides of them to create a holly effect. Sit down and enjoy.

Why Choose Spinach as The Base for A Healthy Meal Replacement Shake?

For one, the taste of spinach is mild enough not to overpower the shake it is being added into. But the main reasons for using spinach are its added fiber and vitamin content and its ease of incorporation to make a healthy meal replacement shake all that much healthier

Nicotinamide Riboside and its Importance in NIAGEN

If this is the first time you hear about nicotinamide riboside (NR) which is the key ingredient of Niagen, a product by Live Cell Research, there is no need to worry. It wasn’t until recently that scientists came to the conclusion that NR is very efficient in battling the signs of aging. Let’s find out what nicotinamide riboside is and why it’s important to start taking more of it into your body.


Put simply, NR is a form of vitamin B3. Even though science and medicine have been aware of its existence since the first half of the 20th century, up until this millennium experts didn’t see the mighty potential it contains.

NAD+ is formed from NR. If you are unsure as to why NAD+ is even relevant, it’s important to note that it helps the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of a cell and nucleus, which is its ‘brain’ to communicate successfully. Since mitochondria produces energy and the nucleus orchestrates everything it’s extremely important for these two parts to have good communication because it ensures that the cell functions properly.

However, as we age, communication between the nucleus and mitochondria starts becoming weaker and weaker, resulting in various unwanted processes in our bodies, such as wrinkling and muscle weakness. NAD+ slows the aging process down, and without appropriate NR levels, there is no NAD+.

It is possible to acquire NR naturally, but it’s not quite convenient. Both beer and milk contain it, but in order to get desired quantities of NR, one should drink approximately 100,000 glasses of milk which is not quite possible.


The market is just full of products that help one feel more energetic. The problem with those products is the fact that they are usually based on various stimulants (energy drinks are a great example) which make you feel fidgety and anxious. Also, they are known to raise blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate levels to an extent where it becomes bad for your health. Another flaw is the instant, unpleasant drop in energy levels after they stop affecting your body. NR on the other hand, doesn’t come with any side effects and is completely safe to use, which differentiates it from niacin, a substance that is also known for boosting the quantity of NAD+.

Niagen is significant because it is the first product on the market that consists of NR. It’s safe and its usage is very simple: you take a capsule with a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. Niagen is also known for not containing any additives that could be harmful to some people, such as caffeine, which means it’s viable for everyone.

Live Cell Research is the company that produces Niagen. Their main goal is creating supplements which help people in maintaining and improving their health. Niagen, like any other Live Cell Research product, was a subject of thorough testing which consists of many phases in order to make sure that the end-product is safe, healthy and efficient.

People who live a relatively healthy life, which includes exercise and a healthy diet, are also victims of aging and other unwanted influences. That’s why each and every one of us should take good care of our minds and bodies and try hard to be healthy and energetic as much as it can be done. Live Cell Research made Niagen with the goal of making this battle easier, because it has a high nutritive value and largely helps in making one feel very energetic

The company only and exclusively creates products which contain ingredients that have been proven to work. Every product is tested by various third-party laboratories which puts a stamp on its quality. Also, every practice which produces the supplements meets U.S. standards.

If you ever decide to start using Niagen or any other product created by Live Cell Research, you can feel safe because there’s no risk. The recommended dose one should take before judging if it works or not are three whole bottles, which will last for 90 days.

The best thing about it all is the fact that if for some reason you’re not satisfied with Niagen or any other Live Cell Research product, you can return it and you will get a full refund.