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Mama June’s Transformation: How She Lost 300 Pounds

Mama June’s Transformation: How She Lost 300 Pounds 

Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, is famous for her role in the reality TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. She and her daughter Alana, also known as “Honey Boo Boo” are known for finishing plates of spaghetti noodles topped with butter and ketchup. After her weight began to affect her ability to walk, Mama June decided it was time for a change. With her ex-husband’s wedding approaching, she wanted to show him up and remind him of what he’d lost. Mama June’s transformation involved a strict diet and exercise routine, as well as several surgeries. Her weight loss was documented on the WETV series “Mama June: From Not to Hot”. The pilot episode showed Mama June going in for surgery. Although she knew she had to change her lifestyle to be healthier, she was still anxious about the procedure. 


After months of dieting, exercise, and weight loss surgeries, Mama June was finally seeing real progress and nearing her weight loss goals. However, she was left with several scars around her body, and she shared her insecurities about them. Mama June’s transformation story has without a doubt inspired people around the world.  


Along with her many other weight loss surgeries, she underwent a complex skin removal procedure that took about five hours. This was done after she lost a significant amount of weight and was left with a lot of loose skin. At 37 years old, Mama June underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in which approximately 80% of her stomach was removed to make it hold less food. Overall, she managed to lose about 300 pounds, going from a size 28 to size 4 in just under a year. Her family played a major role in her weight loss by supporting her throughout the entire journey.  


Mama June’s doctors admired her determination, stating that individual motivation is the most important factor in weight loss. The doctor that performed Mama June’s skin removal surgery noted that due to the large amounts of loose skin on her body, the procedure would take longer than normal. He warned that it may also lead to complications and health risks. However, Mama June decided to undergo the surgery anyways; she viewed it as something of a “final step” in her weight loss journey and as a vital procedure to help boost her confidence.  


When she woke up from the anesthetic, Mama June was shocked at what she saw; her body was covered with scars. Before the surgery, she confessed that she was very anxious about how her body would look after the procedure. However, she was excited to get rid of her “turkey neck” and “batwing arms”. She joked that she’d miss her neck because it was more famous than she was. 


Mama June’s friends, family, and fans eagerly awaited her reveal. Everyone wanted to see whether her efforts had been successful or not. They hoped that her many surgeries and months of effort had paid off. 


When the doctors removed her bandages, Mama June was disappointed. Her new body wasn’t what she hoped it would be; she thought her skin removal surgery would make her body look better, but instead she found it was now covered with scars. She worried that she looked like Frankenstein and was unsure whether the surgeries were the right choice. 


Since Mama June’s days on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, she has lost a significant amount of weight. On her new show, “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, she documents her weight loss journey. When she revealed her miraculous transformation, her friends and family were all shocked. They were amazed at how well her hard work and determination had paid off.  Now, Mama June is an inspiration for everyone struggling to lose weight. 


Many people have watched Mama June’s transformation and commented that it takes a lot of courage to make such a huge lifestyle change. With her ex-husband’s remarriage and her children at home in Georgia while she traveled for surgeries, she went through a very difficult time. However, she stuck to her weight loss plan through it all. Mama June’s hard work and determination really paid off, and she reached her weight loss goals.  

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