What is Midogen and How Does It Work? 

 Aging. It’s not new. It happened to your parents and their parents before them. And, it will happen to you—it’s probably happening already!

Of course, it can be tough to get older. It’s emotional. Limitation is hard. And if your body’s not responding to life the way you’re used to it responding, it can take a real toll. 

Getting older can be a drag. And sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but there are things you can do to slow the process of aging and in some cases, even reverse the signs. For instance, you can take supplements like Midogen. 

How can Midogen help you beat the aging process? 

Well, Midogen is a ground-breaking, nutritional supplement – created for everyday use – with the power to supply all the antioxidants you need in order to boost your body’s health and wellness. 

Where does Midogen get its anti-aging power?

Easy. The power of Midogen lies in its combination of three revolutionary anti-aging ingredients that can actually be found in a wide variety of supplements. But Midogen mixes the potency of NADH, the power of PQQ, and the anti-aging support of trans-resveratrol in a unique formula that can help reduce your risk of disease while diminishing the visible signs of aging on your skin.

Midogen is motored by the power of mitochondria and NAD+.  

First, let’s talk about mitochondria. They’re the tiny power plants in each and every one of your cells. In fact, mitochondria generate energy so your cells can do their jobs. 

But how do they produce that energy exactly? Basically, mitochondria break down carbs and fatty acids producing a natural chemical – adenosine triphosphate (or ATP). The energy that’s created is stored in ATP and used as a fuel to help your cells carry out their tasks. 

Here’s the deal: 

Scientists have discovered that your ATP levels tend to decrease the older you get. When you think about getting older, don’t you imagine you’ll grow tired and lack endurance? That’s partially due to the fact that you’re losing ATP stores as you age.

But, Midogen works to help raise ATP levels and support cellular energy. The goal? To reduce the effects of aging on your body, plain and simple. 

You see, Midogen helps support ATP production by supplying your system with NADH. NADH happens to be a precursor to NAD+ – and that’s one half of the equation when it comes to making ATP. 

But that’s not all… Midogen enhances supplementation by adding Pyrroloquinoline quinone – aka PQQ – and Japanese Knotweed to its breakthrough anti-aging formula. 

The Midogen Ingredient Breakdown: 

  1. Japanese Knotweed– Japanese Knotweed is a beautiful plant with lushheart-shaped leaves and little white-flower fringes. But beyond its beauty, the plant contains very high levels of resveratrol.You’ve heard of resveratrol before – it’s the same ingredient f in red wine and it’s a well of age-reversing antioxidants that help to: 
    • Encourage better eye health(1)  
    • Maintain the health of your joints(2) 
    • Stall the aging of your brain and support cognitive function(3) 
    • Keep your blood pressure levels regulated(4) 
    • Defend your heart against health issues(5) 


  1. NADH– Remember, NADH is a coenzyme essential to the production of NAD+ within your body. And when it comes to energy support, NADH can go a long way.In fact, a recent study showed that NADH helped to great effect when orally administered to patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.6Furthermore, NADH plays a huge part in energy metabolism and in cell death. That may sound dangerous, but the truth is… your body needs to kill of the cells that are no longer functional or may become a threat to its systematic functions.And NADH helps relieve your body of the cells that may come to threaten your health in the long run.(7) 
  2. PQQ– Finally, PQQ is another important coenzyme your body needs. That’s because PQQ has the ability to help reverse cellular aging by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis – that’s the creation of new mitochondria in aging cells.But PQQ can do even more because it functions as both a nutrient and vitamin and can offer great support in terms of the growth and defense of healthy living cells – especially in times of stress.(8)

In the end… 

If you’re frustrated lately because you feel like you’re noticing the signs of aging when it comes to your energy and you need a natural energy booster – not to mention something with the antioxidant power to help your body fend off free-radicals and the visible signs of aging – give Midogen a try 

You’ll be doing something great for your health and working toward a happier, longer life. 



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