Tips on Choosing Window Treatments

Don’t let inexperience intimidate you when it comes to buying shade and blinds for your windows. If you are looking for window shades or window blinds in Indianapolis then look no further, this article has many tips to help you choose the right window treatments for your home.  


First, it is important to make a distinction between blinds and shades. Blinds are a type of window treatment that uses vertical or horizontal slats, usually made from faux wood or aluminum, to control the amount of light shining indoors. Window shades, on the other hand, refer to window treatments that are typically made from a roll of soft material and can be raised to let in light, or lowered to block out the light. 


Types of Window Treatment Mounts 


You can either use an inside mount or an outside mount. For an inside mount, the shades or blinds fit neatly inside the window casing. This is recommended because it has a very polished look. The outside mount refers to a case where you hang the window treatments on the outer side of the window casing. This may be necessary for windows that have hardware obstructions, are too shallow, or difficult to size appropriately.  


Tips for Measuring Windows 


It is crucial to order the correct size for your window treatments to achieve proper functionality and a pleasing appearance. The most important tool you’ll need for finding the appropriate measurements is a steel tape measure. For accuracy, round each measurement to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.  

Before measuring, you need to decide whether you need an inside or outside mount for your windows. The outside mount is usually suitable for small windows, while the inside is ideal for a wide variety of windows. An outside mount can also offer a greater degree of privacy or cover unsightly windows. For an inside mount, it is necessary to measure not only the width and height but also the depth so that you can order the right treatments. Take hanging brackets into account as well, and add at least 2 ½ inches to the height to compensate. 

 wooden blinds

Choosing Blinds 


There are several key considerations you should take into account before choosing the right blinds for your home. You should keep the following factors in mind while making your decision: 


  • Insulation – You can save a lot of money in terms of energy if you have window treatments that can conserve heat. It is wise to check out the installation capabilities of your treatment choice before you buy. 


  • Cellular Shades – This option is made in a honeycomb design that traps air, meaning they are ideal for insulation purposes. 


  • Solar Shades – This type of shade is designed to let in sunlight and keep the associated heat out, resulting in lower energy use. They are also ideal for protecting your carpet and furniture from sun damage. 


  • Shutters – Not only are window shutters highly durable, but they also have the added benefits of increasing property value, providing privacy, and trapping air so that you can conserve energy.  


Designer Options  


We have gone over the many practical uses of window treatments. Namely, their ability to control natural lighting, provide privacy, and insulate homes which reduces energy costs. However, the right window treatment can really pull a room together. Here are some tips if you are looking for options that better suit your décor: 


  • Woven Wood Shades – These are designed to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. The shades are made out of natural materials such as bamboo and reeds and are a versatile stylistic choice. 


  • Shutters – They are a classic choice, and it’s no wonder considering their charm and durability. You can use them to add long-lasting value to your home. 


  • Draperies – These are a great window covering option if you are looking to achieve a luxurious ambiance. You can find them in all sorts of bold colors and fabrics which can enhance the look of your home. 


  • Sheer Shadings – These are made out of two layers of soft, sheer fabric which add great beauty and an ethereal quality to your home. Sheer shadings are much like regular shades, but they have a soft see-through quality to them which is great for a room you want to maintain a lot of light in but could be a problem in rooms that require absolute privacy.  


Order Samples 


In order to know whether a given type of window blinds treatment can work well for your house, you can order samples and test them to see the quality they achieve. 




If you are installing your own window treatments be sure to follow the appropriate steps. You will have to install the mounting brackets, then attach the shades onto the brackets, add the valance, and then adding any extra parts such as hold downs. It is a simple process requiring simple everyday tools.